Architectural Commissions

For more than 20 years, at Talisman Glass we have been working with architects, interior designers and other artists to make unique site-specific glasswork. We work collaboratively to design and fabricate work that incorporates metal, stone and wood to achieve large scale installations. Whether the design requires blown, fused or cast glass components, we create spectacular functional artwork to enhance your vision. We will work with your company guaranteeing high quality, on time, finished products that enhance public and private spaces, in both commercial and residential environments.

Prototyping Commissions

At Talisman Glass, we offer glass prototyping services to the design and advertising industry. We work with your design and engineering teams to produce working prototypes of your glass designs from your working or CAD type drawings. We are able to produce exact pieces out of metal blow and press moulds or rubber casting moulds. We can create anywhere from one to 100 pieces in limited production runs. Whether you supply the drawings or the finished mould, we will work with your company guaranteeing confidentiality and high quality finished products.

While prototyping glass can be expensive, a glass model for a glass end product gives you a real consumer response and feedback that using synthetic materials cannot duplicate. Likewise, having unique glass parts for a photo shoot gives you a remarkable piece that surpasses the quality and look of plastics. The quality of prototyping can reach further than just being a tool for visualization. It is a method that can help you create better designs, improve your team collaboration, and effectively communicate and foster a cost effective project workflow.

The processes we use to create prototypes are blowing, slumping, casting and press moulding. We can grind, polish, etch, sandblast and paint the pieces after creating the form.